The Russian House of International Scientific and Technical Cooperation Association (RH ISTC Association) is a non-governmental development institution responsible for coordination and interaction with foreign economic entities in the field of international scientific and technical cooperation.

The fundamental task of the Association is to build bridges (long-term working mechanisms of cooperation) with foreign countries in terms of promoting Russian technologies, mutual transfer of technologies, assistance in protecting intellectual property rights of Russian enterprises abroad, attracting investments in technology and science-intensive projects, as well as organizing congress -exhibition activities, business missions and educational programs on the profile of international scientific and technical cooperation.
The "RH ISTC" Association was established pursuant to the instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 20.12.1991 No. ASh-18-40916 on March 16, 1992 as a State Association for the purpose of reviving the "House for holding events in the field of international scientific and technical cooperation" SCST (State Committee of Science and Technology) of the USSR and the development of international scientific and technical cooperation, as well as representing the interests of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology in the international environment. By order of the President of the Russian Federation dated June 5, 1992 No. 290-rp, the activities of the Association were supported and a building was allocated for its placement at the address: Moscow, st. Nezhdanova, 11 (now - Bryusov lane, 11, building 1).

Since its inception, the RH ISTC Association represents the interests of the Russian Federation in a number of international organizations, in particular, since 1996 it has been the official representative of Russia in the Asia-Pacific Center for Technology Transfer, operating under the auspices of the UN. The RH ISTCAssociation is also a founder of the Russian-Chinese consortium Center for Science and High Technologies, a partner of the Institute of Foreign Trade of Italy (ICE), and since 1998 - a member of the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA).

The international activities of the RH ISTC Association extend to the whole world, including the countries of the EAEU, SCO, BRICS, ASEAN, APEC and EU Alliances, and involves the use of its own infrastructure and business channels that provide international scientific and technical cooperation and support for export oriented Russian enterprises and state structures providing export activities.

Over 28 years of activity, the Association has organized more than 150 international scientific and technical forums and, with the direct participation of the Association, a significant number of investment projects have been implemented in various fields of international scientific and technical cooperation, technology transfer.
The founders of the RH ISTC Association: the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research, the Federal Property Management Agency.
The Association activity is aimed at providing organizational, legal and information support to state and public organizations, enterprises, the companies of all organizational and legal forms in the field of international scientific and technical cooperation as well as cultural exchange.
Competence centres have been established within the structure of the Association, carrying out professional activities in different sectors.
The Center of Competence "International Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer" is a structural subdivision in the RH ISTC Association responsible for promoting domestic technologies abroad and attracting promising developments to the domestic market.

The Center's functions include the development of Russian innovations and their commercialization, assistance to domestic export-oriented enterprises in organizing international activities and the transfer of Russian technologies abroad, with the aim of creating joint production enterprises on their basis and placing foreign orders in Russia for scientific research by Russian specialists.
The Competence Center International Export and Import Center is a structural subdivision of the RD MNTS Association responsible for facilitating and providing a full range of services to export-oriented enterprises in Russia and foreign business, including high-tech companies in organizing export-import activities.

There are several directions in ICEI. In particular, in the area of responsibility of the international division - services for the conduct of export and import activities.

The regional division is responsible for working with exporters and importers in the regions, the development and training division is responsible for improving the qualifications of employees of enterprises in various aspects of export activities, such as logistics, customs clearance and customer experience quality management.
The Center of Competence "International Center for Business and Industrial Tourism" is a structural subdivision of the RH ISTC Association coordinating congress and exhibition activities and services for organizing business and industrial international tourism.

The functions of the Center include the organization and holding of international specialized scientific and technical exhibitions and business forums of the state level, support of Russian and foreign enterprises in the framework of mutual participation in professional congress and exhibition events through scientific and technical cooperation (business missions) around the world.
The Competence Center "International Training Center" is the educational center of the RH ISTC Association.

The curriculum of the ISC is focused on Russian and foreign top and middle-level specialists for advanced training, as well as on foreign students and specialists interested in obtaining additional education on the territory of Russia.

A wide range of programs of additional education and professional development for specialists in international affairs and specialists responsible for the directions of export and import at enterprises.

License for educational activities No. 040330 dated September 12, 2019.
The Center of Competence "International Center for the Management of Rights to the Results of Intellectual Activity" is a structural subdivision of the RH ISTC Association that coordinates issues of ensuring the interests and protection of intellectual property rights of Russian commercial and state enterprises abroad, as well as supporting the interests and protection of domestic business in the field of intellectual property property from international expansion and unfair competition in the territory of the Russian Federation.

The center provides multilateral support to domestic and foreign innovative companies, inventors and rightholders in the interests of ensuring their intellectual property rights in Russia and abroad.
The International Center for Investment Activity is a structural subdivision of the RH ISTC Association that coordinates project and investment activities.

The functions of MCID include:

• Search and attraction of international financing and investments in high-tech projects.
• Support for Russian investment projects in foreign markets.
• Coordination of joint international investment projects in Russia and abroad.
The International Center for Corporate Governance is a structural subdivision of the RH ISTC Association, whose activities are aimed at developing global cooperation and representing the interests of the Russian Federation in the field of corporate governance.

The functions of the Center include:

1. Formation and organization of work of corporate governance and control bodies of companies operating in foreign markets;
2. Formation of a corridor for transnational appointment of members of the board of directors;
3. Organization of international exchange of corporate governance practices, selection and adaptation to the Russian regulatory framework of foreign corporate governance practices useful for the development of the Russian economy;
4. Support in the global market for Russian organizations involved in corporate governance: stock exchanges, associations of corporate directors.
The International Center for Professional Translation is the direction of the RH ISTC Association, which provides scientific and technical translation services for commercial and government organizations, including the preparation, processing and publication of technical documentation in accordance with international standards.

The range of services includes written, simultaneous and consecutive translation, linguistic support during meetings, negotiations, exhibitions and conferences in Russia and abroad.

The project "NTS linguistics" has been implemented at the Center
The International Center for Analytical and Practical Research of Migration Processes is a structural subdivision of the RH ISTC Association that coordinates work with government agencies and the professional community in Russia and abroad on labor migration and migration policy.


• assistance to the socio-economic reforms being carried out in the Russian Federation by filling the deficit in the labor force by improving the mechanism for managing the recruitment of foreign workers;

• Establishment in Russian society of a tolerant attitude towards labor migrants, an atmosphere of respect for foreign workers from various countries, promoting the observance of their rights and the fastest settlement, and adaptation to a new place of temporary stay and work.


• carrying out information work both within the Russian Federation and in the states - the main suppliers of foreign labor to the Russian labor market, informing the public about their work, problems in the field of external labor migration and ways to solve them, using the mass media and other opportunities;
• preparation of analytical reports on the problems of migration policy;
• conducting research on migration processes;
• involvement of executive authorities of various levels, non-governmental, public organizations and diaspora structures to achieve the set goals;
• organization and holding of conferences, round tables based on the results of the Center's activities;
• implementation of interaction with state and non-governmental organizations of foreign countries;
• carrying out and participating in the implementation of projects and programs consistent with the goals of the Center;
• participation in meetings, seminars, conferences in the areas of the Center's activities, held by Russian and international organizations.
The RD MNTS Association is the operator on the territory of the Russian Federation of the "Global Program for the Commercialization of Source Technologies" of the Agency for Technological and Information Development of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Korea (TIPA), carried out in accordance with the "New Northern Policy" of the Government of the Republic of Korea and aimed at establishing a technical cooperation system to create mutually beneficial relationships.
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